How to buy a boat for sport fishing

How to buy a boat for sport fishing

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Tips for buying a boat 

All the lovers of the navigation want to buy a boat, is a sailboat or a motor boat, new or of second hand, but before deciding we should review some advices in order not to take any displeasure in the acquisition of the boat of our dreams. 

Rodman, Starfisher, Faeton, Quicksilver, Marinemax Boats and many others, are brands that issue boats for trolling but, how to choose between such variety.

This article is intended to guide those interested in purchasing a trolling boat, but it is also applicable to any other vessel. The acquisition of a boat must be done in a thoughtful way, since it implies an important economic outlay. When buying the best boat you have to ask yourself several questions:

  • Purpose of the boat.
  • Frequency of use.
  • Available budget for its acquisition and subsequent maintenance.
  • Required qualification and administrative procedures.
  • Availability of mooring.

Sailing boat or motor boat?

Although it is possible to troll from a sailboat, it is not the most suitable vessel for this purpose. Boats are more appropriate because of their easier handling and greater speed and space. Fiberglass boats are preferable because wood requires more maintenance.

There is a wide range of boats, like those of Marinemax Boats for trolling, from the most equipped, with high and expensive prices, excellent for deep sea fishing, to those more modest and less expensive with lower prices, optimal for coastal trolling, but all, at least, must have:

  • Motorization according to the boat, which allows access to the fishing site quickly or escape from an unexpected storm.
  • A wide cockpit in the stern area, with a not very high gunwale or a door that facilitates the recovery of large pieces, and a drainage system that expels the water.
  • To have several rod holders in the edges of the cockpit.
  • An interior cabin where you can activate the fishing equipment.
  • To have transmitter, probe and GPS to have at hand the updated nautical charts.

Buying or renting a boat?

The economic expense that supposes to acquire a boat and its maintenance, has made flourish the market of the rent of boats that, to competitive prices, offers the possibility of enjoying a boat without having to assume a high expense.

The rent is the best option when the boat is going to be used sporadically. on the other hand, if you intend to go out frequently, it is preferable to buy.

A third possibility is to share Marinemax Boats. It consists of the participation of several shareholders in the purchase of the boat and the time that each one of them will make use of it depends on the acquired shares.

Buying a second hand boat

The purchase of a second-hand boat has the advantages of a significantly lower price, exemption from registration tax, less bureaucracy and reduced VAT. On the other hand, there is usually no guarantee and, sometimes, a greater number of repairs that increase the cost significantly.

When you buy a second-hand boat you should check it:

  • The good condition of the boat, checking it by a trusted professional.
  • That the I.T.B. is up to date, all the documentation in order and the boat dispatched for the category that interests you.
  • The validity and conditions of insurance and the possibility of transmission if requested by the buyer.
  • That it has no outstanding payments and is not subject to mortgages or liens.
  • Its behavior at sea.
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